New Intakes in Rehabilitation

Upon intake, all equine receive a veterinarian’s examination to determine their health status. Vaccinations and a Coggins test are completed if recommended. A feeding regimen is implemented. Medical conditions and injuries are treated. Dental and farrier exams are scheduled.

Available for Adoption

After an equine completes its rehabilitation and receives all necessary vaccinations, Coggins, farrier and dental exams, we conduct an assessment to determine its current level of training. Our goal is to ensure that the equine can be caught in the pasture, haltered, led, stand for the farrier, and loaded into a trailer. If we believe that additional training would benefit the equine, we will proceed with it.

Based on the assessment, the equine will be classified as either Available for Adoption or Care for Life. Some Adoptable equines may be classified as Companion Only due to their age or physical limitations. We always provide transparent information for each equine’s health and abilities.

Care for Life

Equines with special needs are placed in our Care For Life Program. The special needs may be nutritional, medical, or not safe to be adopted. These equine will remain in VEA care for the remainder of their lives. If a Guardian Foster is willing to provide the extra care these equines need an application can be submitted but VEA will retain ownership of the equine.


Tennessee Walking Horse

2007 17 yrs old

15.1 HH Mare


Fee $250 Companion Only Hind End Weakness


Tennessee Walking Horse

1999 25 yrs old

14.3 HH Mare


Fee $250 Companion only



1996 28 Yrs Old

13.2 HH Mare

Can be difficult to catch in pasture

Care for Life Program



2000 24 Yrs Old

16HH Gelding


Fee $250 Companion Only